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Workshop Files

The guide is a guide for the workshop which is meant to be done in a single weekend, and as a result, there is much that is left out. It is certainly possible to go more in depth, but the guide along with the readings from the Big Book is meant to capture the arc of the steps.  Many have found that they have a major change in their attitude and outlook on life when following the directions found within the guide and the suggested readings from the Big Book.


The guide is not AA-approved literature, nor does it claim to speak for AA. It is only meant to be helpful. If you find that anything within the guide goes against what is found in the Big Book, please feel free to disregard it. 


The workshops have had anywhere from 20-300 people in attendance. Many have used the guide one-on-one with sponsees or in small groups of 8-12 people and report good results.  Please let us know here how you like it and if you see anywhere it might be improved. It has been revised more than 50 times already so what’s one more revision?  


There are also links to recordings of the workshop that can be streamed or downloaded and the slides that are shown on the screen during Zoom versions of the workshop that can be downloaded. Please feel free to use them any way that might be helpful to yourself or others.   

In addition to the 12-Step Workshop, we have also done workshops on Grief using the 12 steps and have started a series of Deeper Dives into character defects. We have done two of those so far, one on Pride and Humility and the other on Resentment and Forgiveness. All of the files for these are available above where it says Workshop Files. 


Please look out for the next workshop offered on Zoom or in person which will be announced on this page. Please contact me at to be added to our email list. 


Thanks and we will surely meet some of you as we Trudge the Road to Happy Destiny! 

Grief Workshop

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