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Almost Awakened Podcast

I had the chance to appear on this podcast called Almost Awakened this week. I really enjoyed the discussion. They gave me a chance to talk about AA and my journey through the 12 steps. It's a podcast done by two people who left the Mormon religion after losing their faith over time and who have had long spiritual journeys of their own. They started their podcast not to encourage people to leave, but to help those who have lost their faith to again find meaning and purpose in their lives. I realized that in a way, alcohol was my religion. At first it gave me comfort and a feeling of belonging. And it worked until it stopped working. I, too, went through a long period of disillusionment, first drunk and then sober until I finally found spirituality that worked for me. I wanted to do the podcast with them because they reach a lot of atheists and agnostics. I'm afraid too many atheists and agnostics unnecessarily die from alcoholism and never really try the AA program because they are offended or scared off by mention of the word God.

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