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A Design For Living That Really Works.

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A Design For Living That Really Works

This page is a meant to be resource for anyone interested in learning more about the 12-Step program of action as outlined in the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous. This grew out of a workshop first done in Albany, NY in 2012. Since then, there have been more than 50 of these workshops done in person and more than 30 on Zoom.   The purposes of the 12-Step workshop are:


1) to give people who have never done the steps an idea of how to do them;

2) to demystify the steps and give people an idea of what to do and why for each step;

3) to give people who would like to sponsor a guide for how to do that;

4) to do the steps as a group so our experience can be shared and

5) to give away to others what was so freely given to us. 

6) to have a spiritual awakening!

Click on the link above to download the files for the 12-Step Workshop.  The guide has been used to help with one on one sponsorship and in small groups to great effect. The guide document is included as well as PowerPoint and pdfs of slides used for the online workshop and finally audio files of the most recent workshops done on Zoom. 


We have also done workshops on Grief and the 12 steps and some deeper dives into character defects. The files for those can also be found by clicking the link above for workshop files. There are slides and audio recordings of those workshops available. 


Thank you and please do not hesitate to get in touch. Come back to this site and check out the Blog for information on the next workshop.  


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